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The kick tail drop 43 from gravity. i really like the length and the depth of the drop.and that tail is beautiful then there the apex 40 from original.I've turn one and really liked it fit free style.
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I think the apex 40 would be great but that kick tail is sick
3 years ago·Reply
best friend is getting this soon!!
3 years ago·Reply
The gravity doesn't even compare to the apex man. My friend has the gravity, and its a really weird board. If you wanna use the kicktails you gotta position your foot all weirdly cause the drop. And I've ridden it too, it's not that great. The apex has my vote.
3 years ago·Reply
i like the design they make
3 years ago·Reply
Ya man listen to @steezus original is on some A1 shit
3 years ago·Reply