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The new personal conduct policy that the NFL announced helps distance Commisioner Roger Goodell from the disciplinary process. Now instead of Goodell directly and initially handling disciplinary action, a panel of NFL owners, past playesr, and significant figures will discuss and then Goodell can also have a say. The NFL hopes to rebuild trust with the fans and try to fix any inconsistency and unfair discipline given to its players. Is the new policy good enough? The players don't seem to think so. The player union is unhappy that the league basically made the new policy without any feedback from the players. They weren't even told that they were making a new policy. The policy is supposed to extend out to not just players but staff and owners but we will have to see if that will actually happen or not. The league's owners don't exactly have the best track records either. Do you think the new policy is fair? Or is it flawed?
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Goodell just needs to quit. If I was a player I would not trust that guy one bit. He doesn't care about the players at all