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starting from today, the next nine days in India are days of Navratri.. navratri means nine nights.. that implies for nine days we worship goddess durga and her different incarnations.. it is marked by 9 days of fasting and celebrations.. the fun part is the "dandiya" most parts, the deity idol is worshiped and on the final day immersed in the sea!! goddess durga is the mother- the protector as well as the destroyer.. the nurturer as well as the one who punishes..Durga(दुर्गा); meaning "the inaccessible" or "the invincible"; durga is a popular fierce form of the Hindu Goddess or Devi. She is depicted with multiple (variously, up to eighteen) arms, carrying various weapons and riding a ferocious lion or tiger. She is often pictured as battling or slaying demons, particularly Mahishasura, the buffalo demon. For the Goddess-worshipping Shaktas, Durga is sometimes equated with Mahadevi, the Supreme Goddess. Her triumph as Mahishasura Mardini, Slayer of the buffalo Demon is a central episode of the scripture Devi Mahatmya. Her victory is celebrated annually in the festivals of Navaratri and Durga Puja.
callie...i'll share some diwali pics fave festival
and we have Diwali coming..that's like our "christmas"... my fave festival!!!
@neaa yep the food is a special case kk:)
it is..especially the food!
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