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During the ending of yesterday's, October 15, episode, Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) finds a suspicious looking film canister while avoiding the attack of assassins. Inside was a paper similar to that of her diary that said, "That's right, Eun Soo. I'm the future you," astonishing Eun Soo a great deal. While that is happening, during episode 20, which is set to air today (October 16), Eun Soo is able to see what rest of the diary's message, which the future Eun Soo left for her. This results in Eun Soo's decision to return to the palace and Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) returns with her to protect her. A representative of 'Faith' stated, "The couple's return to the palace will become the chance for their faith and feelings for each other to become indomitable. Also, a surprising side of Eun Soo will be showing during today's episode, that will make Choi Young smile," and "Please anticipate what roles these two will play once they return to the palace, which is like a field of thorns." Meanwhile, during the previous episode, it was found that Princess No Guk (Park Se Young) is pregant, bringing happiness to the Gong No couple (King Gong Min-Princess No Guk). However, that happiness seems to be short-lived, as tension is raised at the glimpse of the scene where Princess No Guk has fallen into a trap. SBS's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Faith,' where the puzzle pieces are slowly coming together with the confirmation that the person who left the diary was the future Eun Soo, will air its 20th episode tonight (October 16), at 10:15 PM. CR: hannah@topstarnews.net
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