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Don't miss Arang and the Magistrate finale (funny BTS)
to see how it would end would be worth a watch.. will one of them be left behind..or both reunite in death... or both granted lives or both be reborn to meet again.. there's a lot that can happen.. so at any cost..don't miss it! image cr;dramabeans vote for arang :http://www.vingle.net/posts/46143-which-one-is-better-arang-or-faith
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Rofling.. wish i could murmur this into the scriptwriters ears or enchant them.. but for the worse.. if they ruin and give us a absurd ending (remember, Big!!).. i have a gang "kill the writers" on vingle..you are welcome to join cocodiva!! :)
absolutely... i love Gong Yoo so much and I literally wanted to throw my laptop to the ground at that ending... I 'll bring the axes and pitchforks...lol
lols..we already have relina's rifles... nylamrehs knives.. my gun..and now your pichfork and axes..it's not going to be a happy sight!!