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The Hottest General on earth :) If I were to travel by time, I don't care how dangerous it is as long as I am protected by this kind of general ^_^ I love lee min ho from the tip of his hair to the tip of his fingernails :D cr:Archive for ‘daroo’ en.korea.com lee min ho fans club
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Sus saon nlng kung ing anih ang General sa Pinas...hahaha
@jhynxdenosta plz vote for FAITH on this link plz.... or any1 else: http://www.vingle.net/posts/46143
RELINA done :) @SHINA hahahaha.. magkagubut gud haha @DENOSTA really? in manila? :)
i don't really understand what's with Min Ho but he's totally different!
JOYLIM his charisma is overflowing. and he has the ability to capture everyones heart :)