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Autism Speaks, an autism advocacy non-profit, is partnering with Google to sequence the genomes of 10,000 people on the autism spectrum as well as their family. Google is hosting and indexing this data so qualified researchers can crack the genetic code and find out autism's genetic origins. This is pretty big. The Human Genome Project was very expensive when it was created, but now doing these types of tasks are much cheaper. The CEO of Autism Speaks, Rob Ring, hopes that this project will allow researchers find missing answers in the genome. What better way to use big data than with health? What are your thoughts on this?
Wow. This sounds like an incredible project! This kind of crowd sourcing and collaboration really gives me hope that we're starting to use technology for the right reasons!
@nokcha, I couldn't agree more. Hopefully they will continue to do this with other health data sets (if they haven't already). Google may seem like they want to take over the world, but then they do something like this and my hope is restored.