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These gifts are perfect for the casual or serious coffee lover! My family is always asking me what I want to get for Christmas or other holidays, so I've started putting together some coffee-related items I'd love to get. Note: I've included a link to where you might buy the items, but I have no affiliation or to or experience with buying from these sites. Please research the site first :) 1) Bodum Chambord 12 oz Coffee Press - $25 This style of pot (though under different company names) has been being produced since the 1920s, and you can't go wrong with it! The Chambord is an iconic, classic design for the press pot. You can get the 17oz model for under $35 dollars as well, but the 12 oz cup model is probably enough for most! 12 oz model, $25, goo.gl/0BRvZh (Amazon) 17 oz model, $33, goo.gl/2oVwZp (Amazon) 2) Melitta 6 Cup Manual Pourover System $11 If you or someone you love is just starting to get into coffee, or they haven't wanted to invest in a pourover system, this is a great gift! It's not the highest quality, but its BPA free, and with the help of some coffee and a grinder, you'll be on your way to seeing if pourover is the way for you! You'll need Melitta #4 filters for this one. Melitta 6 Cup Pourover System http://goo.gl/A12uh8 (Amazon) 3) Hario Cloth Drip Pot Brewer $34 Another fun, slightly pricier option for a pourover. Your pourover will taste even better with cloth compared to paper. You'll just be getting nice, pure coffee liquid and it will be fantastic! Cloth Drip Pot Brewer http://goo.gl/lD8BqF (Amazon) 4) 33 Cups of Coffee Field Book - $5 This is seriously the perfect secret santa or stocking stuffer gifts for your favorite coffee nerd! The book is made up of 33 pages with room for notes, ratings, cupping comments, origin notes for each cup of coffee! The book uses a circular grid style that allows you to rank a cup of coffees taste very well. $5 each, 30 for $100, $12 for 3 - http://goo.gl/9DwP0x (product site) 5) American Weigh 2kg mini scale - $19 This is a great scale to get! It's cheap, small, zeros well, can fit up to two espresso cups at once, and is accurate between .1g to 2kg to a .1 accuracy. Add some rubber feet to the bottom, and it's perfect! $11 on Amazon - http://goo.gl/QB3nNM 6) Aeropress Coffee Maker - $26 Aeropress is well known in Scandinavia and loads of other people love it, too. Pros in the US and Canada are fans, too! The marketing for this product is not very good (don't follow the instructions it comes with) but you can make amazing coffee with it using some cool hacks. It's cheap, and it makes great coffee! $26 on 1st Line - http://goo.gl/8ZDVSw Hope these help you :)
@EightyNine I actually don't own an Aeropress (I've used one in a few coffee classes, though) but I am likely getting one at Chrsitmas! I asked for a stainless steel filter instead of the paper ones, as that's the way I like it :)
Every coffee fan needs to have an aeropress. If you're thinking about getting a press I would also recommend getting a stainless steel one as sometimes the glass can shatter.