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Soooo its 3am and just figured I wanna make playlists rather than sleep because that just makes sense right? I'm highly logical but I digress....I realize I'm kinda late on this one but oh well. 1. EXO__My Lady This song is a jam...like a smooth jam. Vocals flow smooth and sexy but classy..tilted fedora with the top two buttons undone type sexy. 2. Taemin__Ace Holy shiitake mushrooms kids...can we talk about Taemin for a sec? His solo debut was for lack of a better word...hot. Danger was hot hot HOT overall...total jam...video was on it...Choreo ON IT....not to mention boy has grown up. Not gonna go into my Noona feels but daaaaamn. Lol but Ace is a sexy slow jam that sets off said Noona feels...just love this song love Taemin. Moving onnn lol. 3. Shinhwa__This Love Its Shinhwa....come onnnn children. This group has been around foreverrrrrr and they're still in the game putting out flippin amazing music. And the choreography? Lurve it. Mad respect<3 4. Loco__You Don't Know I'm totally a supporter of AOMG and Loco just dropped his album Locomotive aaaaand I'm loving it. This song is just adorable. BTW the video I attached has an interview in the beginning and this song and the next song all in one. I just really liked the sets and the way it was shot. Plus it has English subs lol. 5. Loco ft. Jay Park__Thinking About You Can't go wrong with Jay Park singing the hook. The man is incredible. His hooks are just intoxicating. Not even gonna go into his looks because who knows when that whole JayParkissomeseriousmancandy tangent would end. 6. Phantom__New Era The whistle part in the beginning snags you and pulls you in and you're just done. The song has you. Its just that good. 7. Double K ft. Jay Park__NOM This song has more of a sad yearning tone to it....its soooo good. As I said before Jay Parks hooks do just that. They hook you in and Double K kills it. The end. 8. 2pm__A.D.T.O.Y All day....2pm is thinking of you. They're going crazy....please help them T.T lol but really this video.....I can't. Next! 9. Taeyang__You're My YB is one of my biases....so of course he's on my playlist. But that aside this song is sooooooo sweet<3 his voice is just like honey...melody....lyrics combined just too much sweetness. 10. Bumkey__Love Song This song is in English but Bumkeys a Korean artist so it counts right? Its just a sweet slow song. And that falsetto doe.....hats off to Bumkey. Its an acoustic song...sweet simple and his talent just shines thru. BONUS....Baekhyun and Chanyeol of EXO did a cover of this song and its just as good. Kudos to you if you stuck thru to the last song. Hopefully I didn't ramble on too much....I tend to and if I did apologies. Now I'm supposed to tag someone.... @MattK95 I think? Yes? Hah.
@MattK95 lol great gateway songs to lead you into the kpop ocean. They're some of my faves as well. @jiggzy19 thank you :) hahaha I know right<3
I love this list!!!!!!!!! Shinhwa and 2pm!!!!
Great List
@PassTheSuga yes they really were :)
Great list, and no it's not a problem that the Bumkey song is in English at all :) This Love and A.D.T.O.Y were some of my first Kpop songs, I absolutely love them ^^