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The Museum of Modern Art and The Adny Warhol Museum teamed up to digitize the entirety of the artist's large film collection. Warhol created over 600 films, 500 of which have been achieved in MoMa since the 1990s. You could say Warhol was the ultimate social media artists before Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were even invented. He often documented the activities of his friends, activities, and social circles, however he rarely appears on screen himself. Many of Warhol's films have never been viewed or only shown rarely because of their extremely fragile state. This specific project of digitization will involve scanning over 1000 rolls of film. The digital film specialists will have to scan frame by frame. The project started in August but it is expected to take a few years. Many believe this project to be immensely important not only to the art world, but the general public as well. Curators, scholars, and the public will be able to see Warhol's films. Patrick Moore, the deputy director and curator in charge of the project says, "I think the art world in particular, and hopefully the culture as a whole, will come to feel the way we do, which is that the films are every bit as significant and revolutionary as Warhol's paintings."
@alise No, the project started in August of this year. It will just take a few years until we see the results! @redridergirl I am also very excited to see Warhol's films! I loved his paintings and photographs when I learned about them in school, I would enjoy the opportunity to see his work behind a video camera.
Andy Warhol was the epitome of modern art! What a loss. This is a thrill and I look forward to seeing these films. I hope that maybe even TCM will pick them up as they share all the classics and I can't imagine these won't be.
"This specific project of digitization will involve scanning over 1000 rolls of film." This explains why it'll take a few years. So, the project will commence in August 2015?