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just thought about it.. the way Big ended.. and though i did not see..but bix2anca mentioning Bad guy and Fashion king's horrible ending.. if any other drama currently airing or to preview gives us an absurd ending.. i'll be needing more recruitment in Kill the scriptwriters gang.. how can they end a drama like that? think about us.. we followed all those episodes (Big is how i found Vingle in the first place) and in the end BOOM.. " what the hell was that.. over..that's IT??? " at that time i wish murders were legal.. haha.. anybody interested?? we already have Nylamrehs kitchen knives.. relinashinee has rifles.. and cocodiva has axes and pitchforks.. i have guns!! bring in all weapons you have..
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nopes..i'm from India!! you and mel were discussing about i wondered.. hope it's better now!
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@neaa my area was pretty much ok since the beginning (even though I live in NYC close to the water) but some communities are still suffering the aftermath :(
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@yourinsomnia (p.s. wow @ works) i just saw on the tv and it was crazy..reminded me of tsunami years ago.. hope everything's fine with mel and pray safety and recovery for all :)
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@neaa thank you!!! im also hoping for everyone's speedy recovery (my favorite cafe with delicious biscuits got devasted!!!)
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@yourinsomnia hope that cafe comes up even better!!
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