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Ok so this was actually easier than the love song playlist for me XD no idea why. I've tried to break it up so its not all just melancholy heartbroken ballads (not that I don't love those) but I wanted to show some "how dare you! You'll regret this!" Type breakup songs as well. I split this list into two parts as I thought of sooo many songs, and had trouble whittling it down to ten XD Without further a due here is my list in no particular order. 1. We Were in Love - T-ara x Davichi I love Davichi and T-ara so much!!! The combination of Davichi and T-ara's voices make this track audible gold (in my opinion anyway) 2. Teardrop - Ailee I'm not sure if you have heard this or not, it's from Ailee's recent comeback, and it's probably my favourite song off of the album. 3. Reason to Become a Witch - NS YoonG I love this song so much, it was one of the first few songs from Kpop that I saw, that really got me hooked into kpop ^^ 4. Gone Not Around Any Longer - Sistar19 Although I love Sistar when they are all together as four, I also love their sub-unit, this song in particular, Hyorin and Bora look amazing, and they sound amazing too! Really pay attention to some of Hyorin's vocal work in this song it's fantastic *\(^o^)/* 5. The Sense of an Ending - Jung Joon Young I've always thought Joon Young was an amazing singer and this song certainly proves it! 6. Hate You - 2NE1 2NE1 are always amazing, and graphic novel 2NE1 is no exception. Bommie makes me laugh so much in this mv XD 7. All Alone - Kim Jaejoong There isn't much to say about this, the song pretty much speaks for itself, just listen and be amazed! 8. Red Lipstick - Hyorin (feat. Zico) This is another song where Hyorin's Vocals truly shine, and Zico's awesome rap really brings a dynamic to this song that is just... Aghhh, I don't even know how to describe it, I absolutely love this song soooooo much!!!! ^^ 9. Don't Leave - Xia (Junsu) This song has an almost Celtic feel to it at the start, and Xia's vocals on this are incredible... Ok as embarrassing as this is, I had to stop listening to this song while I was watching the Boys Over Flowers K-drama, as it would keep reminding me of all the bad stuff that had happened in the last episode I had watched, and I'd get a little emotional. Yes, I am talking tears people XD I can listen to it now no problems though, such a great song!!! 10. Stupid Love - Mad Clown x Soyou (Sorry audio only, the MV had some of the music missing?!?) another perfect song from one of my perfect Sistar queens, (oh the feels!!!) Mad Clown's rapping really added to Soyou's vocals, helping to mold this wonderful song. I hope you liked my list, part two will be up soon, and @aabxo I promise I'll have that intro you wanted done very soon as well :) Thanks for reading my list <3 Credit to the owners of these videos :)
Stupid Love is just stupid amazingness<3 was obsessed with that song for the longest time. Soyou's vocals are haunting....they're so good and Mad Clown is amazing. Hyorin and Zico....I just cant lol. Great list :)
@nenegrint14 not on a drama that I know of, but if you've seen the really long music video/short film for Lovey-Dovey they sing it on that I think :)
@aabxo I'll do it tonight I promise... As long as I'm not too busy :)
WHAT!? That Hyorin song with Zico is AWEOSME!!!!
Love all the songs!
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