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My friends and I have been having lots of fun lately with this app creating funny scenarios and poking fun of ourselves. The app is called MomentCam it allows you to edit photos to put them into a cartoon. You can add details such as various hairstyles, mustache, and glasses then it will integrate your face into numerous illustrations provided by the app. A tip I've learned is to use front facing pics without angles works best. Now, I hope you will have fun as much as we did.... ** Some of these MomentCam consist of your very own fellow vinglers: @MasriDaniela @nylamrehs @sherrysahar @floralyssa @Acezsinkillx ** The last MomentCam I integrated a pic of actor Song Seung Hun and Cha Seung Won, (*_*)
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ive a made a few pics of you too but i havent loaded them onto the FB group....i hope you will like it!! lolz!!
Awww thanks show me on kakao talk :-) lol
awesome awesome ....u r the hottest sis I ever had mwaahhh mwaahhh mwaahhh ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
@MasriDaniela you soo funny, you're oozing with hotness yourself!! Lolz!!
Ngawwww... cuuuute :)