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Its about to go down!
TESSY / Caliber 44° / Orangatang "The Kilmer" 69mm 86a <3
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I have Caliber II 44 white gold trucks and Sector 9 race formula 70mm 82a wheels on my tessy.
3 years ago·Reply
@gagebrown very similar set up! I went for a little bit harder of a wheel, looking to slide!
3 years ago·Reply
Thanks @danielvalerio I tried to make it as custom as possible to my likings, nothing but good things about it so far!
3 years ago·Reply
That was the hardest wheel I could find in the the race formula line. But the red really complements the board. So do my white golds. But I love your setup as well bro, very nice @RyanRios.
3 years ago·Reply
Thanks man, I asked for the gold hardware off the whites to put on my red and he said sure! When I went to pick up they board someone had bought the white / golds. Always next time! @gagebrown
3 years ago·Reply