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Everyone is either ordering boards or just getting theirs and I'm over here listening to Iron Maiden and eating pizza waiting to get home and Longboard and waist my life playing Borderlands 2 with @thatonegod
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hell yeah! haha @drlizardo
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You should play Destiny @EugeneAlcantar, it's borderlands but in space with better guns and classes. I have way more with destiny then I every did with borderlands 2 and that was my favorite game of all time.
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@GageBrown my Xbox won't connect to my WiFi or I would be. I want to get Destiny so bad
3 years ago·Reply
Damn, well when you get a chance play the shit out of it.
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Panama would make a great song for a longboard video that tempo is perfect and Eddie's solo into the slow part where Dave speaks= slow mo then a burst of speed when it picks back up @MicahKnopp
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