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So cause I'm in a photography class I get to learn some pretty cool stuff and this is one of those cool things. We just started doing transfers which is just taking it from one material and moving it onto an other material. So as a longboarder isn't it a great thing to think your own creation could be on your board for an indefinite amount of time, right? And this is how it has turned out so far, it's okay but I can make it better! I'm gonna be working on this during class tomorrow so there will definitely be progress.
Bro @steezus I'm a senior there's no way for me to take a graphics class now.
You should take graphics and learn how to print on any substrate
Well I'm counting on you to get better @DanielSpazJames
Lol @EugeneAlcantar I don't know. Not yet at least I need to get better. But it's still only a maybe.
So @DanielSpazJames can I send you a deck and have you put a wicked design on it?