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A hard working doctor, who doesn't have time for relationships and has troubles with intimacy, Takes things to the next level with one of her friends, a romantic budding screenwriter. They decide to keep things just physical. They establish rules such as no snuggling, no fighting, no jealousy to keep things causual only to find that it's not so easy to separate their emotions.
@cheerfulcallie I have to agree with you 100% with this .. it makes no sense to me on how this relationship will work out I mean even if there's no label in the relationship but if the other person goes to someone else wouldn't they feel bad and then from there it just builds on!!!
I really enjoyed the movie but such arrangements are impossible to establish b/c feelings will always come into play and someone will eventually want more....these kinds of relationship are complicated and towards the end if feelings aren't accepted then you lose the friendship and sex partner...just not worth it...