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Hey, guys! So I'm a big supporter of Chromecast and love the streaming capability that it allows me with my phone and locally stored content on my computer. This is a list of some of thr best apps available to use with your phone and other media devices and your Chromecast. I'm just going to touch bases on a couple of thr items. -AllCast: My current streaming player on the Note 4. The ease of use of this app is awesome, but thr biggest downfall is the lack of recognition of some media files on your device. Now, the Chromecast only supports certain media files, anyway, but for AllCast to not immediately recognize covered media files on your phone is a problem for me. -Plex: This software is great and allows you to stream to your Chromecast and Roku devices. I mostly use thr plex server on my laptop to stream content, after having issues using my phone as a media server so I can't say that I recommend it for use with your phone as a server. However, as a receiver over the web, it's a good buy at $29.95 for a year. (This applies to remote Web Access only, as the app for local use is free. -LocalCast: This was a great app and my first streaming app on my smartphone. Where LocalCast lost me was with the continuous play feature. When one video finishing playing, it immediately begins playing the very next video on your device. If you have some adult type content in your list, things could get nasty real quick, literally. (not that it happened to me LOL) While I believe that this feature can be deactivated, I prefer not to chance fate with the option. Which app is your favorite and why? And, if you have a smartphone and don't have a Chromecast....shame on you! LOL Go out, right now, and buy this inexpensive piece of awesomeness!
Videostream for Chromecast in the chrome app store works wonders. Even has adaptive playback if your internet slows down too. Android remote app too for the lazy people like me :) https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/videostream-for-google-ch/cnciopoikihiagdjbjpnocolokfelagl