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In 1914, the World stood still during the start of World War I. As the war raged into the winter, Christmas approached and the humanity of the men and women, during the most inhumane of times and situations the men of England, Scotland, Germany, and a few other nations involved in the was all decided to throw down their arms, meet in their trenches and in no man's land, and exchange the Christmas pleasantries. They men were able to walk out into the no man's land, gather their dead, then clear the field for a game of football. It was one day, amongst the most darkest of times, when sport transcended life and showed the element of humanity all of us can hold. This Christmas marks the 100th anniversary of the Christmas truce and the spirit of the game has never been stronger. The spirit of the men that played the game that day only goes to show that when all else seems to be lost, there are things there like football to bring us all back together. 1914-2014 Lest We Forget
Wow I knew about the truce but didn't know they played a game of football! Amazing
@EightyNine One of the greatest stories to come from that war.