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I first saw Some/One by Do-Ho Suh when it was on display in New York City, where I was living at the time. The striking, flowing armor made of dog tags is an image which stayed with me ever since. The piece "asks the viewer to both understand and appreciate how a solider has his own identity yet is part of a larger troop or military body. The ghost-like suit of armor also has a reflective mirror body which asks the viewer to think about what this piece means to them." "I wanted the viewer to have an experience with these little dog tags, these thousands of dog tags. It symbolizes each individual’s identity...these many dog tags create this one, larger-than-life figure. It’s ambiguous whether you’re a part of it or not. Whether you are the owner of this robe when you see your own image over there. So that’s why I had the mirror inside."
I've heard about this piece by Do-Ho Suh and I agree that it is striking. It reminds me of the post minimalist sculptures and installations of the 70s, like the works of Walter De Maria or Robert Smithson. It overwhelms the viewer at first, yet actively engages the viewer to see themselves. Great stuff!
The amount of work it would take to create this work of art is daunting. I think the artist is successful in fulfilling his purpose, getting the viewer to understand and appreciate the individual as well as the role of the individual among a team. I wonder if you are allowed to stand inside the sculpture, I feel it would allow people to experience that weight of responsibility a soldier feels to his troop to a greater degree.