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Many people might think a photographer just wants new gear like lenses and cameras as gifts, but these items are incredibly expensive and in large variety. There are a ton of smaller items that any photographer would love to have. I have made a list of 7 items, ranging from $8 to $120 that would make any photographer happy, that would serve as great gifts during the holidays! 1. Polaroid Toilet Paper Dispenser ($28.50) The first item is a bit of a joke, but I would personally love to have this as a gift! Modeled after the famous Kodak Polaroid camera, this thing serves as a toilet paper holder and dispenser. Amazon: http://amzn.to/1qD4YD7 2. Custom Monogram Camera Strap ($85.00-$92.00) Photographers feel attached to their gear. Giving them something unique like a camera strap is a great gift because it will last years. Putting a custom monogram on the strap is just the cherry on top! Fotostrap: http://bit.ly/1AoDAJ8 3. Indispensable Photographer's Wallet ($40.00) This gift is quite interesting and unique. This is a barebones leather wallet that will hold your essential items like an ID as well as memory cards, a shutter release, or other small items for your camera. Hold Fast Gear: http://bit.ly/1vImPEm 4. Diana F+ ($69.99) Medium format lomographic cameras are something of a trend with the "hip" crowd these days, but these cameras are a fun and cheap way to experiment with film! Even if it's just to stick on a mantle, a Diana or Holga is something nice to have! Amazon: http://amzn.to/1GiZxx7 5. Camera Lens Coffee Mug ($12.49) These things are all over the internet, varying in quality and price. They are a great gift (especially the quality ones) that any photographer is sure to enjoy. Amazon: http://amzn.to/1zX88li 6. Photojojo Smart Phone Lens Series ($99.00-$115.00) This is definitely for the photographers out there who enjoy taking photos on their smart phones. The set comes with 6 lenses and a tripod that attach to any phone with a magnet. If you want to spend a little more money, this might be a great gift to give! Photojojo: http://bit.ly/IwEHSg 7. Photographer's Lens Wristband Set ($7.99 for 8) Probably the simplest gift out of the seven recommendations, these wristbands are an easy gift to get any photographer. The bands show some of the markings and writings that one would find on a lens. Relatively unique, yet easily identifiable, this small cheap accessory is pretty cool! Amazon: http://amzn.to/1qY2Mqt Did I miss any gifts? I know there are a lot of gifts out there, but let me know if you have anything to add to this list!
Love this set! The polaroid toilet paper dispenser would definitely perk up my bathroom. On a side note, I'm getting the camera lens coffee mug for myself this Christmas. :)
@stargaze and @hunahuna I loved the roll dispenser and mug, too! I'm torn between them and those awesome bracelets, though. I'm hoping to get my first camera this Christmas - and boy would it be nice to have that strap for it! Straps can be so expensive, though...
@stargaze The coffee mug is a must, I have one myself. The polaroid toilet paper holder caught my eye as well, I would love to have it!