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I don't know what's in him why I'm clinging this much unto this guy who doesn't even know me. (I know) People think I'm crazy because I keep blabbering about him night and day. But what can I do? Everything about him are really dazzling :D His like a drug that I take everyday and I'm totally addicted ^^
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hey mamading, gt any links for ep 20 live streaming???
5 years ago·Reply
go over for the previous comments here..i did post it..:-)
5 years ago·Reply
weah??? i dont c it here...
5 years ago·Reply
i'm not mad at you...look at how adorable he is...if you didnt like him then something would be wrong with you
5 years ago·Reply
Goodmorning :) http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/faith-episode-20/ please watch faith with english subbed ^_^
5 years ago·Reply