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Good health comes at a price and nowhere is that more evident than in a report published Wednesday that says Hawaii--the most expensive state in the union by several measures--is also the healthiest. Conversely, the report from the United Health Foundation, says that the cheapest state, Mississippi, is also the least healthy. There are some encouraging trends in health this year though! Fewer Americans are smoking, more have immunization coverage and infant mortality is down! Further, cardiovascular and cancer deaths are down and life expectancy is now 78.8 years on average, its highest ever. However, there are some set backs: Physical inactivity is growing more prevalent, drug deaths are up and more Americans are considered obese, or weigh 30 pounds more than their prescribed weight. The 150-page report says the top five states for health are, in order: 1. Hawaii 2 .Vermont 3 .Massachusetts 4. Connecticut 5. Utah. The bottom five, starting with the worst, are 1. Mississippi 2. Arkansas 3. Louisiana 4. Kentucky 5. Oklahoma. Criteria for the state rankings includes prevalence of smoking and obesity, the percentage of children in poverty, disparities in health status by education level, low rates of preventable hospitalizations, cancer deaths and cardiovascular deaths. It also examines physical activity, prevalence of diabetes, birth weight of infants, availability of doctors and dentists and prevalence of infectious disease.
Well, my state isn't on either of the top 5 lists so let's hope I'm close to the top!
I'm surprised Hawaii is number 1! They must be doing something right!
Poor Mississippi! Looks like the midwest and the south need a lot of help :/
No surprise that wealth and health are so closely synched.