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I was inspired by @aabxo post-breakup playlist and @MattK95 soundtrack of life collection. I decided to join the breakup theme. I am not the type of girl that cling on and hold a grudge with a breakup. I would feel gloomy for a few days but will optimistically let go. I like listening to songs that helps me move on. Here's the list: 1. GOD - Love and Memory (사랑해 그리고 기억해) 2. BY2 - You Don't Know Me (你并不懂我) 3. Urban Zakapa- Caffè Latte (커피를 마시고) 4. Fly To The Sky - Goodbye (그대는모르죠) 5. Aaron Yan - The Unwanted Love (多餘的我)
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ooh I didn't hear this song of aron yin before. woow thanks. fly to the sky I love them alot especially their latest song you you
thoroughly enjoyed this playlist<3
I love Urban Zakapa!
@MattK95 The kpop tracks are a bit old, but they're my favorite! @christy That song is from Aaron's recent drama "Fall in Love with Me"!
@maymay75 I watched this drama how I forget the ost. hhhhhhh