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The ingredients of Chicken McNuggets seem to be the number one questionable food from McDonald's. A few years ago and article appeared on the web claiming Chicken McNuggets are made of pink slime, chicken beak, the claws, the feet and everything else. I'm sure we're all curious about this. Former "MythBusters" host Grant Imahara was hired by the fast food company to tackle this question. From the video attached, Imahara went behind the scene to see the whole process of how Chicken McNuggets are made. In the video, we see no lips, eyes, or pink slime in the ingredients. The chicken breast and ribs are the only parts being grind and coat in tempera batter. People who saw the video are bashing on Mcdonald's "myth-busting" campaign saying they that's not the entire truth. Do you think this marketing campaign is ruining or improving Mcdonald's image or is it causing controversy?
Usually shows that appear on television is 50% truth and 50% fabrication, so I don't know what to say about this. I'll believe it if I see it in person.
I'm still a little skeptical. If they hired the guy, then of course they were prepared and put on their best show.
I might be biased because I love a good McNugget, but I do believe McDonalds have significantly improved their quality of meat over the years. While I know dark and white meat used to be used and the company was less strict in what actually went into the nugget meat, they seem to have now changed their 'recipe' of sorts. I don't expect them to be perfect, but I still believe they do have some standards for quality of meat.