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Ralph Bear was one of the most influential forces in the home video game invention, now more commonly called console video gaming. Baer's first invention came when he was working at the defense contractor Sanders Associates as the Chief Engineer for Equipment Design. He wrote about the concept of a gaming machine that displayed on a television. Baer worked in secret with other Sanders engineers to develop prototypes of these video game machines. He eventually patented the "Television Gaming Apparatus and Method" in 1969. Baer effectively started a multi-billion-dollar industry of home video games. In 1972, Sanders Associates licensed Baer's invention to Magnavox, a television company. They released his invention under the name "Odyssey", it wasn't a huge hit but we all know the wave of inventions it influenced. Baer received much praise and recognition throughout his lifetime for the work that he did. His invention, "TV Game Unit #7" also know as Odyssey, currently resides in a collection at the Smithsonian. In 2006, Baer was awarded the National Medal of Technology for his accomplishments by President George W. Bush. It is sad to see this great influencer in the world of video games pass. His innovation and impact on the industry will never be forgotten. Ralph Baer passed on December 6th at his home in New Hampshire at the age of 92.
Bye Ralph.
How sad. I can't image where console gaming would be today without his influence!