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Remember the Sunset Hills Mayor Mark Furrer that was accused of hitting a cyclist with his car and then fleeing the scene? A Sunset Hills board may impeach Mayor Mark Furrer for allegedly striking a cyclist with his car. A grand jury will also investigate him for felony charges of assault and property damage against this cyclist. If you don't remember the facts of the case, here is what happened according the cyclist. "He hit me so hard I almost fell into the convertible," Murdick told Daily RFT. Murdick says he went to the hospital after the incident and has a torn Achilles tendon and a bruised tailbone. He also says his $12,000 bike is badly damaged. Furrer denied the claim, saying Murdick grabbed onto his car and then fell. He has said he will not resign from his post as mayor. I'm glad to see that everyone is taking this so seriously when the Mayor obviously tried to brush it off like nothing happened.