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I'm not talking about the feathery ice-crystal that falls from the sky, but paper snowflakes. You would think that with a background in design I would be able to visualize well enough to make an aesthetically pleasing paper snowflake. Wrong! My snowflakes comes out looking square most of the time. That's where RectangleWorld's app for making digital snowflakes comes in most handy for me (and maybe you, too)! Here's how the app works. It allow you to sketch ideas before drawing them to paper. Then you try out your crazy adventurous design and see if it translates to a good snowflake when "unfolded." I know you still need to put effort in design, but it's better than wasting paper! In addition, you can also browse others' work for inspiration. Snowflake Maker: Try it out and let me know what you think.
I never thought about planning out my snowflakes before cutting, smart idea. It is pretty fun to play around with it.
This is such a cool app. I will try it myself and see if I can actually make those crazy looking snowflakes. Thanks for sharing!
It's a great brainstorming app. It would be better if it allows us to print the cutout lines.