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Here we go.... 1. Lee Michelle__Without You You just need to stop your day and watch this video. Her voice is incredible and she's incredible. Thru the video she tells her own story from childhood growing up in South Korea and being bullied for being biracial. Thru the hurt and confusion, she gains the strength to accept herself despite what others may think of her. Honestly....you go girl. Do you. 2. Girl's Day__Something Had to lighten it up a lil and keep the girl power theme going. Lyrics of this song are basically Boy Mama didn't raise no fool -.- I know you're cheating and I'm done. I love this songggg...and I had to add the Boy's Day performance vid because its just good fun. Our boy Ren can WERK. 3. Super Junior__Evanesce Alas love.....why are you so beautiful but so quick to wither and fade? Their entire This Is Love album is just amazing. 4. B.A.P__1004 (Angel) I love B.A.P and this song just showed their versatility as artists. Its different in a good way but question.... am I the only one who cringed at the end of the MV? Ish was cray...js. 5. Tablo ft. Taeyang__ Tomorrow Tablo is a poet. He just has a way of cutting through the muddiness of putting feelings into words. It all translates flawlessly and most of all its relatable and just real. Love that man and his huge talent. For sure. 6. EXO__ Thunder Just a jam. That Ooooo Ooooo OooOooOoo. ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ Lol that's all I really hafta say. 7.Lucky J__Can You Hear Me Catchy much? Don't know much about the group or how they came to be but I love the contrast between their voices and it all just works. A very talented group indeed. 8. G Dragon__ Crooked GD is just too good....like really? This song is the epitome of the lowest low of a breakup....rock bottom...the lyrics are sooooo sad but the beat just bounces along like Lifesucksbutwearegonnadanceitout. We've all been there crying it out in a bathroom stall and if you haven't you're lying...lol. 9. TabloxTaeyang__ Eyes, Nose, Lips They made my list again because they're just that good. Love the rawness and honesty of the lyrics....call me a monster but I've felt this way before. The lazy tempo and the way Tablo reworked the chorus...I just love it. 10. Big Bang__Tonight Had to end it on an upbeat sort of. So what I gather this song is about an Ilove&missyoubutihateyou kinda love situation. Like missing and hoping you'll run into that someone from your past but still hating them for wanting what you couldn't give. Of course the song overall is fab.....its Big Bang<3 duhh. Enjoy :) Ill hush up now....I ramble far too much lol. @MattK95
@MattK95 Great minds think alike ^^ lol @christy Glad you like them :)
Lucky j was my first time to her about them. I like this song
@PassTheSuga awesome!!! LuckyJ are on the as of yet unpublished part two of my breakup song list, I'm glad someone else likes it :)
@PassTheSuga they certainly do