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So apparently they're the only company that makes "colour-changing" griptape. What they mean by colour changing is, that the colour you see changes from the angle you're looking at it, like in the videos. These were originally made for skateboards, but they also made a 24 grit (Vicious is 36) 44x11 inch sheet for longboarders. They're on sale for 5 bucks a sheet at Stoked, so if you're in need of new grip and want to try new things out, these might be something you want to consider! I got a sheet of the blue/purple one for 3 bucks using the stoked points discount, so I'll let you guys know more about it when it comes
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@RichardSchafer Nice dude! We get to compare both colors haha
That's awesome @richardschafer lmk how it is
I will I cant wait for it. Even though it doesn't really match my board.
@RichardSchafer Welp mine came in yesterday in the mail. Definitely looks a lot glittery than I thought
@Shulace time to put it on and make a video. I'll make a video of mine once i put it on my board. It will be my first time going a griptape job.