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Finally completed my list~! @MattK95 Had a harder time with this one, literally dug through the depths of my YouTube history to compile this list. Hope it's varied enough for you guys! Again in no specific order.... I had more to say but I forgot, so here's my list. 1.Younha - What Does My Heart Become 2.MBLAQ- Hello My EX 3. Miss A - Good-Bye Baby MV 4. Ailee - I Will Show You 5. G-Dragon - 그 XX (That XX) 6. Davichi- Don't Say Goodbye 7.Huh Gak - It Hurts [MV] [HD] [2/2] 8.Cold Cherry Growing Pains 2 9.Yesung - 먹지 (Gray Paper) 10. 2AM- 너도 나처럼 (I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me)
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@SakuraBlossom96 I like their last song spring summer fall and winter. but I felt so sad when lee joon and the other guy left the team
@SakuraBlossom96 your welcome :)
@christy God I know. I mean I'm not like a sesang but any sepstations hurt :c like they are so perfect together, why must they separate?
Younha! So glad we have fans here~~
@kpopandkimchi There are all kinds of fans here~ ^-^