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Just Another Girl Kim Jaejong Actually this genre is not 4 me I don't know much abt kpop break up songs but this song and Mv is my favorite sure to hear it My only kpop break up song MV i am his fan nd i love this MV @Mattk95 Enjoy credit to the actual owner
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Ah! I have this album I need to listen to it again for hours of end.
This song and Taemin's song danger are quite similar but love both artists and both of their songs
Thats what everyone says lol but I think the meaning behind both songs are quite different lol and yeas I love them both mvs 2 :) <3 <3
@sherrysahar Also danger was inspired by his role model Michael Jackson (Rip)
really Danger is great in its own way 2 definitely taemin best work so far :) <3