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That pic XD I'm pretty short so I find it hilarious Some of my most played EXO songs (: -Growl -Run -What Is Love -Overdose -Wolf -Love Love Love -Baby Don't Cry -History -Mama *Also guys, I'm still a noob at Vingle so I was wondering how to post a gif? (: ❤️ Thanks in advance✨
@aabxo I would love to help but I'm still new to Vingle and haven't figured everything out yet (⌒▽⌒) but you should talk to @kpopandkimchi Hope this helps!
I'm here I'm here!! Hahaha You can upload a gif just like any picture^^ I don't think you can upload them on your phone yet but if you're online its a go~~ also: Run is one of my favorite songs EVER.
@jiggzy19 Thanks anyway (:
@kpopandkimchi Ohhhhhh! No wonder. I'm always on my phone ): &yes it totally is. ❤️