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Look at this beauty!
I would post a pic of the top but my phone is crap so I'll just explain it. It looks like wood grains with clear grip tape. Its looks soooo cool!!!
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Thanks for the tip!!!!
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There are good companies on Amazon not everything comes from Amazon itself, NYC Longboards sold me my board and it actually came direct from Gravity I tracked the shipment straight from their warehouse in Cali...the box itself was addressed from there and it arrived ahead of schedule and had stickers and a Concrete Wave mag in it and the board was in excellent shape and cheaper then if I'd bought it direct from Gravity by $30 @steezus @TammieTBird
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Idk @drlizardo one warped board is one thing, but two? Thats just shitty service man. I bought from amazon itself and it was shit.
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I'm a fan of Muir and Daddies and there's some others out there then there's my local shop Skatebillys I probably won't order from Amazon just to support the other places but if I get a deal I might @steezus
3 years ago·Reply
Yeah its good to support the local shops/little guys, there's an online shop called Legit Boardshop (I've talked to the founder a few times, he's an awesome dude. Follow legit boardshop on Instagram) and they sell some good stuff, I buy from them whenever I need something cheap, like Churchill stuff, hardware, etc.
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