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does this look swollen?

so the other day I rolled my ankle and couldn't board for like a day it sucked. and today I tried to do a wicked jump over some stairs on my board (on campus cause funk da police) and landed on the ankle and re-rolled it and then we (me and das man meat @EugeneAlcantar) had to board home and now my push foot is all kinds of messed up. and my knee still hurts from when I got hit by a car earlier this month
nah it looks normal if u like tilt it to the right, close one eye, and then close the other eye then imagine a normal foot, yea looks fine to me!
Damn. Time to chill till it heals
That looks bad! RICE. Rest, ice, compression, elevation! GO!
After rice,rest, ice compression and elevation I dip mine in hot water mixed with epson salt.
Yea thats swollen.
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