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Have you ever hold your cigarette in front of your eyes and exhale your breath to the fire of the cigarette. If I rolled your cigarette and I do this, I can read your happiness.Yes, I can read palms, but this is different. Because, each cigarette of the same person is different. I love reading the happiness from the cigarette. I can see your past and future happinesses. And when I am reading I can feel your happinesses. Inside the fire of the cigarette, I see the lands of happiness. But these are not my lands, these are your lands; like I am in a safari in your happiness lands. There are no boundaries. It is waiting me there with all its wildness. But they are not harmful; on the contrary, they are harmless, good, kind and welcoming. While I am traveling in your happiness lands I see your soul. I am a part of your soul. I am you just for a second. But this second lasts as long as I want. I am grateful to you for welcoming me to your soul. I can tell you the secret happinesses of your lands. And also, I can share my happinesses with you and I can make you happier. I am taking a deep breath from you cigarette and travel to my lands with your smoke. I am collecting my most precious memories. I never shared these memories with anyone else. But you are special. I am you now. Then I am giving my memories back into your cigarette with my breath. Now, this cigarette is our lands. If you smoke it like me, you can take my memories and you can be the happiest person in this world. I just want one thing Be my friend.
@KaitlynnJanae Yeah, I agree :) There's happiness and meaning in everything through your eyes @OmerTurco
I like how you can relate happiness to anything. a look in an eye, a cigarette, cooking lasagna, etc.