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So my friend @Bluu got his board and I promised a review on it. Let me start out by saying that this is a sweet board, and Never Summer construction is always on point. I have the hooligan, and compared to my board, I really have to give the award to the Admiral for its rockin' rocker and its sweet bowl concave. One thing I have to note is that he got the 37" and I am 6' 1" with a wide stance, and for me that small of a board is slightly uncomfortable as the small EFP makes it hard for me to find nice foot placement. The 41" probably would be much more comfortable for someone my size. The board is super SUPER light, but the PTEX tails really handle smacking into waiting curbs not scary (he literally shot the board into the air and it hit the curb with an awful sound, but had only the slightest of rubbing on the wood). Downhill: I didn't feel scared at all by the small board doing this, as placing my foot over the top of the front truck really cemented my shoe. This board is a comfortable monster, and I would have to go much faster than the mid thirties I did to really scare myself. Freestyle: Super light, super tough, huge kicks. What's not to love? Freeride: Super easy to push, concave is awesome for locking you in. Tested with mini cloud ride ozones 86a. Get this board for Freeride. Dancing: Eh, dancing. Don't see the point if I can't do it on a hill. Dancing is for a different breed. TL;DR/ Summary: Get the 41" if you're tall, get the board if you're looking for possibly one of the best all-around boards there is.
sweet. I've been wanting to get this board and I think I'm going to now. it's sounds as bad ass as it looks.
@heatheisen has one too it's a great board but starts to come apart of youre too rough with it on the edges.
good info.... I've looked at this board for a while... they need a better graphic, which doesn't change how great the board is but lowers the cool meter and makes it look like a snow board
Good boars but if you do freestyle and it lands upside down it will chip.