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Survival Pucks are compact emergency survival kits. Sure, they're inexpensive, but they're undeniably useful! Get a puck for first aid, fire-starting, water purification, and more. They start at $14.75, and each have a really distinct feature. Full disclaimer: I don't work for this company, nor was I given anything of any sort to write this :) I just think this is a great idea! Puck 1: Essentials Puck From minor inconveniences and mishaps to true emergencies, the essentials puck has all the basics to make it useful year round. It includes: Lock-Blade folding knife, LED mini flashlight, lighter, signal whistle, magnetic compass, duct tape, paracord, pencil, paper, safety pin, aluminum foil. Puck 2: First Aid Puck Includes: Waterproof bandages, waterproof butterfly wound closures, alcohol prep wipes, cotton tip swabs, sterile gauze, latex exam gloves, safety pins, roll adhesive tape, moleskin, extra strength pain reliever, antibiotic ointment, first aid antibiotic cream, topical anesthetic burn cream, anti-itch cream, metal tweezers, utility knife blade. Puck 3: Medicine Puck Includes: Extra-strength pain reliever, antihistamine, aspirin, ibuprofen, anti-gas/anti-acid, menstrual relief, electrolyte replenishment, triple antibiotic ointment, first aid and burn cream topical anesthetic, anti-itch cream, pill vial. Puck 4: Fire Puck Includes: Lighters, 12 solid fuel tablets, aluminum foil, steel bar grate. Puck 5: Water Puck Includes: Water purification tablets, water pre-filters, water pouch, drinking tube, aluminum foil. Puck 6: The Light Puck Includes: Mini flashlight, 4 candles, lighter, aluminum foil.
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Can't you just make one of these for yourself if you're not giving it as a gift? Probably cheaper, but good idea in theory XD