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Iggy Azalea has done it. She somehow found the formula for the most-streamed hit in 2014 according to Spotify. So how did she manage to put "Fancy" together? Simple. Write a solid song and then get some friends to spice it up. It's no surprise that the rapper with killer abs and sleek platinum blonde hair would reference Gwen Stefani, but it's not for her style sense - it's for her kick-ass girl-power vibes she gives off in her tracks. Check out the interview with Billboard, and be sure to listen to Fancy and another Stefani Girl Power track! Iggy Azalea: When I wrote it, "Fancy" was another song called "Leave It." I always knew it wasn't a hit, but it was a good song. It had such a solid beat and verses, but it needed something melodic to make it catchier, so I called Charli. Charli XCX: There was no hook and no middle eight when I first heard it, just her rap. I wanted to make an Eve or Gwen Stefani girl-power-vibe song. Azalea: What she did with it reminds me of a Spice Girls-era thing, where you don't even really know what you're saying -- it just feels good.
Some people might thing her songs aren't as awesome cause she didn't do all the mixing, but I personally think she's sooo smart for knowing who to go to so that it sounds as great as it possibly can!
Something about that beat made it the perfect workout song for me. Great track!