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A Father/Daughter Ski Trip to Antarctica!
How many 11 yr olds do you know who have been skiing in Antarctica? Lilliana Libecki is is one such 11 year old! With her dad Mike, who is a National Geographic Explorer, she made this amazing trip! Check out the amazing video of their journey. Now, there were moments when Lilliana had a hard time, but it wasn't that she was afraid! Her dad said that she was just aware, and asked questions about the crevasses, about what the dangers were, "if we could ski off the glacier into the ocean. Her communication was impressive, and her natural curiosity was just awesome. She had fun, and was loving life!" I think she's at least 1000x more brave than I am! It's a parent's job to create experiences for the child. Mike did just that. And WHAT and experience! She wants to go to every continent before she is 13, and I have no doubt she will achieve this goal!
She's certainly going to have some amazing stories to share!
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@gparkski I'm still so jealous of her, haha!!! I want to go, too
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