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There is an incredibly long list of places in the world I want to visit, but no matter how many times I rearrange that list, New Zealand remains near the top of it! Why? Because New Zealand screams two things. One: beautiful nature. Two: adventure! I've done a few adventurous things while on various trips (climbed a mountain or two, visited a few volcanoes, done some cavern swimming) but I want to do a little bit more, or at least do it somewhere even more exciting. Maybe I should admit that I also want to visit the home of "The Hobbit," though I've wanted to go to New Zealand before I thought of it as a model for Middle Earth! New Zealand is also the home of a close friend of mine, so I think that I'd be able to take on the adventure of the lands (be that through trekking, hiking, climbing, kayaking, or something else!) This Portrait of New Zealand reinforces my desire. When should I get going?
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wow.I have been thinking of new Zealand the exact way :)