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I don't have kids myself, but I have many nieces and nephews, and my siblings are always asking me to take them out hiking with me! So, I'm finally giving in. However, I don't know what to have them pack in their bags! I've been doing some research, and it seems that I really need to just give them the very basics, and be prepared to carry their packs on the way back if necessary. Not a huge problem, but good to know! Note here: this post is directed to those that are toddlers and preschoolers! Older kids can scale more and more in their packs and you can find more of those guides on line, but this is one of the only ones I could find directed at toddlers and preschoolers! It may be a total hassle to take them out at this age (I'm guessing they will want to stop and touch everything) but the earlier you expose them to the wonderful world out there, the more they might love it! For a Toddler or Preschooler, consider including the following (make sure to consider how big they are for their age as well!! This is an important factor): Junior sized pack Rain jacket (full rain proof) Kleenex packs Warm hat Rain pants Sun hat 2 pairs gloves (or, 1 mittens and 1 gloves) Sandals for warmer months Sit pad (Thermarest) Emergency blanket Handwarmers Waterproof bag Sunglasses Whistle (Connected to front of pack, for easy access, taught only for emergencies!!) Insulating layer (jacket, fleece) Snacks Garbage bag (quart freezer bag) Water bottles Extra pair socks, pants and underwear Water bottles or juice boxes
@treedweller If you're going on a day hike I say Y-E-S! lol @sanityscout Ah! True. I have a feeling with my cousins it'll be a mess anyways, but that's a good tip.
So if I pack the big kid version of this I should be good to go? ;)
Fantastic guide! So happy you are reaching out to toddler/preschool parents and hikers. I seems pretty thorough, but I'd probably add a gallon ziplock bag for any wet/dirty clothes, so that you can seal away any moisture and mess.