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I really love bustin I have the sportser 36.and I wouldn't doubt that this is a bad ass board. who else loves bustin
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@MichaelNieves but I've never use one
3 years ago·Reply
@RichardSchafer just wait for the glorious moment when you're feet touch it.
3 years ago·Reply
@RichardSchafer Doesn't matter if you used one or not, you still love bustin just cause!
3 years ago·Reply
we all need at least one board from every company then an entire room to hold em all
3 years ago·Reply
Bustin is my favorite company by a long shot. I own 4 of their decks and have ridden I wanna say 4 others. Enjoyed every one a ton other than the Sportster witch was nice just not my thing.
3 years ago·Reply