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When traveling, a camera is a must-have item; whether it's a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) type, mirrorless or even just a point-and-shoot. But the thing is, with today's smartphone camera capabilities, you probably won't need any of those anymore. Some people love to travel light, and some not so much. But whatever the preference, it's always good to be practical, especially on a long journey. So why is it time to leave your DSLR at home? Here are the reasons, based on the surprisingly excellent features of today's smartphones. Ultra-wide panoramic photos Taking a wide or panoramic picture is a great idea when you want to show some gorgeous scenery; at the beach, for instance, or from the top of a mountain. With built-in features (and supported by the hardware inside), you won't need to capture multiple pictures and then edit them later on your PC. For an ideal result, make sure you have a steady hand, or use a tripod instead. 360 degree panoramic pictures Sometimes, the place you’re visiting doesn't give you enough space to take a picture. With a DSLR, you would need an ultra-wide lens to get the picture done. No problem if you bring your smartphone though, now that there are apps that allow you to take a 360 degree panoramic image, just as Google did with their Street View on Google Maps. The result is pretty cool, because you can rotate the picture around – it’s like being right back on the spot. Geo-tagging One of the many reasons people go on holiday is to get “lost”. And sometimes, you really do get lost, especially if you’ve never been to that place before. Say you’ve found a hidden gem, a place off the beaten track, a heaven on earth. So you take a photo. Weeks, months later, you come across the photo and decide you want to revisit that place. Sure, you could just print the picture and show it to locals to see if they can direct you, but wouldn’t it be great if you could just “tag” the place? Whenever you want to go back again, you can just look at the exact location on the map. Some high-end DSLRs are able to tag locations with a built-in GPS, but most of them need an add-on accessory. Cloud storage There will come a time when you need to save previous holiday pictures to your hard drive or PC, and when that time arrives, you must make a decision to delete some pictures to make space for new ones. Or you could just buy an additional memory card, problem solved. But then again, maybe you’ve found yourself in a place with no electronic store in sight. With a smartphone, you could just put those pictures online and save them in the cloud storage of your choosing. Most smartphones even have the capability for auto-uploads. Unique shot Most high-end smartphones have their own special features for their cameras. Some are able to take pictures with sound, and some even give you the ability to erase people walking behind or in front of you when your picture is taken. The point is, most of these unique features take a lot of effort when used with a DSLR, not to mention the need for additional picture-editing software on your PC. So there you have it. Having a DSLR is always great when traveling, but if you only have space for your smartphone, make sure you really know how to maximize it. People might argue that they get better results with a DSLR, but don't worry, you won't be missing much; and you might even get more with your smartphone.
Great post! Lots to think about now - I've been thinking of buying a DSLR, but this makes me rethink whether I can just stick with my phone camera for traveling. Mine has a great panoramic feature, and others that I don't even know about yet.
Good tip for light-weight luggage travelers. However, I always tend to pack light and make an effort to carry my DSLR. There are certain landscape and memory I would rather capture with my DSLR for print. For short trips, I would usually rely on my iPhone.