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Frans Lanting (USA) 1991
In 1991, this ground-level perspective photo by Frans Lanting took a big prize in the wildlife photographer of the year competition! The composition is playful and interesting: the solid, gnarled tree-trunk forms of the African elephant’s legs against the delicate, miniature gazelles on the sunlit stage behind is a classically interesting photograph. Frans is a known name in nature photography: his work has been featured in National Geographic, Audubon and Time, as well as numerous award-winning books. He has also give TED talks regarding the world of his work on two separate occasions (which I've attached above) that show a depth to nature photography that many only hope to achieve in their lifetime. His photography turns animals to art. Why? To help conservation efforts. To create awareness. And, to share the beauty of our world! In addition to the winning photograph (image #1) and the two TED talks, I have attached some other photographs he has composed. To see more of Lanting's work, check out his website:
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Beautiful!! What a wonderful " job" this would be!! Thank you for sharing ...peace!
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