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The Kama Sutra of Packrafting

You might not think of packrafting when you think of Kama Sutra (and neither do I, to be honest) but it can be considered standard procedure for how to double up with a friend in a packraft. Ok, maybe not officially, but it's still pretty fun! Luc Mehl put together this awesome compilation of the "poses" and photos to accompany them, while also mentioning the difficulty and intimacy levels of each pose. Do you have any more to contribute? #1 Beauty and the Beast (Peggy and Roman Dial, John River, Brooks Range, 1986 (Photo provided by Roman Dial)) - least intimate - sit back-to-back - limited to calm waters due to instability - Level of intimacy: low - Stability: low #2 Beast with Two Backs Luc Mehl and John Sykes crossing the Delta River (Photo provided by Todd Kasteler) - low-intimacy - sit opposite ends of the boat, facing each other - can go through slightly rougher waters - recommended to interlock legs to increase stability - Level of intimacy: low - Stability: very low #3 Honeymoon Dick Griffith w/ Tarahumara Indian, Barrancas del Cobre, Chihuahua Mexico, 1952 (Photo provided by Roman Dial) - stable position - moderate intimacy level - passenger in paddler's lap - the paddler’s legs should be tucked under the knees of the passenger, while the passenger’s feet hang over the bow - naps can be taken - Level of intimacy: moderate - Stability: moderate #4 Side Straddle - less intimate version of the honeymoon - the paddler sits in the back of the boat, standard paddling position, while the passenger sits sideways in the front, legs dangling over the tube - no photo available - Level of intimacy: low - Stability: moderate #5 Rear Mount Nancy Pfeifer and Sheri Soltis crossing the Skilak River, Kenai Peninsula, 1996 (Photo provided by Roman Dial) - for flexible people! - both kneel, facing forward - moderate rapids are OK - Level of intimacy: moderate - Stability: moderate #6 Top Mount - the passenger lays on their back on the floor of the raft while the paddler straddles for a canoe-style seated position - not good for shallow waters (can be injured on rocks!) - Level of intimacy: high - Stability: moderate #7 Riding High - packs are stowed in the boat and the entire assemblage is straddled - Level of intimacy: low - Stability: low
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