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Dont be afraid to be a spark in someone's life. A spark big enough to start a fire in someone's heart. A fire big enough that It casts a light as bright as the sun. A light big enough that It enlightens everyone elses life. And gives them something to smile about. Don't be afraid to be a spark in someone's life.
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This feels like the dedication or opening to a book or novel! Very inspirational, I think :)
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I would love to see another version of this written only through sensory details, rather than telling details, and then compare the two!
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A great call to action! I think this feels like it could be the start of something bigger - maybe the conclusion of a short story? If I were you, I'd try to use the inspiration in these lines and see if a story springs to mind to illustrate its sentiment. I've never started a story with the last lines - but it's an interesting challenge!
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