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If we really don't know what the future holds Why must we be sad Why should we complain Why must we be jealous Why should we even compare and hate others Just have faith just have hope just be strong And believe that something wonderful is only about to happen to us all. Stay positive strong and always hope for the best. Just Random :D
I think some of us get sad and complain BECAUSE we don't know what the future holds. this piece definitely makes me think that there are two types of people: naturally optimistic and naturally pessimistic. You are right, if the future is uncertain why not hope for the best? I'm naturally pessimistic so I always think "if the future is so uncertain then I should be expecting less than the best." you however seem like you're naturally on the optimistic side of the spectrum.
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@KaitlynnJanae yes I am definitely on optimistic side I try my best to be I believe we should always hope for the best because the knowledge of future is beyond our limits yes the future is uncertain but I think what leads ahead is best for us all.
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This is very optimistic, but it's not always easy to be that way! :)
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@timeturnerjones i know its soooo hard but i try :-)
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@sherrysahar All we can do is try!! :)
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