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this episode was where they kissed!! oh, can't believe that arang is ending already... love you with all of my heart so don't go breaking it when your drama ends ... no sad ending, okay? ^^
@jbpanigon....hope so....^^ please go to this link and vote... http://www.vingle.net/posts/46143-which-one-is-better-arang-or-faith we need arang followers here... it's a vote of which one is better, arang or faith... thanks...^^
yeah..how ,sad but i think the jade emperor...want arang to stay on earth...remember what that they make a bet ...with the king of hell....i think jade emperor to give life on arang and have a happy ending
yeah she is... but her place is not here on earth... and since she's been super the jade emperor will not accept her again on heaven or hell... i guess she will disappear? oh, i'm really excited for tonight... what will be the ending for our OTP?!!
well all things were crossed and we had an emotional but cleansing episode...just worried about that ending...Mu Yeon is a very determined fairy...
@coco and neaa. i'm with both of you.. lol doing the same ritual coco.. lol
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