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What is fear i hear u say? Its a force that darkens the brightest day, it blackens the heart with the dullest grey, closes the mind with walls of clay, a mist surrounds you, never floats away, Vision is hard, you cannot see a way, phobia takes control and does not sway, madness sets in and you start to pray, ur on ur knees, only a moment away, Losing control, ur thoughts already astray, darkness engulfs ur life with dismay, you feel a release with death, at last its ok, but then you hear a voice inside u say, ''Open ur eyes ur time is not today, feel the heat of the sun and the warmth of its ray'', then darkness vanished you decide to stay, ur back in control, thoughts are not astray, Madness has gone, ur glad u did pray, phobia decides to sway a different sway, vision is clear, u can now find ur way, the mist has lifted its floated away, You broke down those walls made of clay, the heart has changed colour to a silvery grey, and the force that darkens its victimous prey, has gone, its vanished, hooray hooray hooray, ''But dont celebrate just yet'' u hear me say, its a vicious force, it does not obey, it lurks close by, it likes to play, untill its ready to pounce on its victim.... the next day, So what is fear i hear u say? Its a force to be reckoned with, but dont run away.........
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so beautifully written πŸ’ŸπŸ‘